Verdicts & Settlements

For over 40 years, George M. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law, has represented clients throughout Southern California in all types of civil litigation, including personal injury and wrongful death cases, as well as cases involving business litigation, insurance bad faith actions, and employment discrimination and wrongful termination.  Below are examples of some of the cases he has handled and the verdicts and settlements he has obtained on behalf of his clients.  To discuss your legal matter with Mr. Rosenberg, please contact our Los Angeles offices today.

Partial List:

  • $4.5 million (jury verdict/settlement) to 29 year old injured worker and $250,000 to his spouse when Bobtail truck’s rear tires ran over him as it was completing a turn out of a driveway resulting in loss of kidney, spleen and parts of his colon.
  • $4,100,000 for the wrongful death of a 40-year-old draftsman survived by wife and two minor children.
  • $3,500,000 in product liability case against the manufacturer for injured worker when a cement mixer was activated while he was cleaning the machine resulting in amputation of both legs. Significant negligence alleged against the worker for failing to properly turn off and lock out the machine.
  • $3,000,000 judgement after six-day arbitration for contribution claims against co-members of a limited liability company.
  • $2,250,000 arbitration award in specific performance action establishing that the buyers breached the real estate agreements entitling the sellers to the deposits held in escrow plus attorney fees and costs.
  • $2,054,115 arbitration award for medical malpractice awarded against an orthopedic surgeon for negligent hip replacement surgery.
  • $1,500,000 for a motorcycle rider who was struck by a vehicle and suffered a brachial plexus injury.
  • $1,200,000 for brachial plexus injury to motorcycle rider struck by left turning automobile.
  • $1,100,000 for an HVAC worker who fell while working overhead at the defendant’s property and suffered multiple orthopedic injuries and mild traumatic brain injury.
  • $1,000,000 for the wrongful termination of a president of a fast food restaurant.
  • $900,000 obtained from an insurance company for payments on disability policies for an attorney suffering from depression and unable to continue practicing as a trial lawyer.
  • $800,000 to mother of five year old child with disabilities who died while being supervised in a pool.
  • $800,000 in a bad faith action for disability benefits for a practicing gynecologist who fainted during a surgical procedure.  The gynecologist gave up her surgery practice, but continued practicing internal medicine so that her income did not diminish.  The gynecologist claimed she was totally disabled under the policy.
  • $775,000 in a products liability action against the manufacturer and installer of a gate which partially amputated a minor boy’s right thumb and ring finger tip.
  • $650,000 against a public entity and other parties for a single vehicle motorcycle accident caused by a dangerous public property condition.
  • $620,000 for a woman injured in an auto accident who sustained orbital fractures.
  • $600,000 for a 64-year-old bicyclist who sustained a fractured wrist and partial injury to the brachial plexus because of a dangerous property condition.
  • $450,000 for 89 year old woman for the wrongful death of 79 year old man struck by a bus owned by the MTA. Plaintiff claimed she was married to decedent for 60 years. Plaintiff was unable to produce any evidence of the marriage.
  • $425,000 to 74 year old pedestrian struck and injured in crosswalk and sustained fractured left humerus and fractures to tibia and fibula.
  • $410,000 for a wife and two minor children whose father died from cardiac arrest due to medical malpractice.
  • $400,000 to Verizon employee when injured by UPS truck backing into him while parked causing injury to his neck requiring anterior fusion cervical surgery.
  • $400,000 to passenger in Metrolink train crash of 2008 for multiple injuries which required nasal and ankle surgeries.
  • $320,000 for assault and battery by a security guard against a woman attempting to gain entrance to a restaurant bar.  The incident resulted in a fractured middle finger of her dominant hand and required surgery.
  • $260,000 to family for injuries from a big rig/auto collision on the 101 freeway. Mother sustained post concussion syndrome with mood swings and depression; 2 young children and father sustained minor injuries.
  • $205,000 to 28 year old auto mechanic who sprayed a solvent to clean brakes which splashed and caused damage to his left eye causing traumatic glaucoma. Plaintiff claimed that the product was defective for its failure to warn consumers of the dangers of its product. Plaintiff was not wearing any eye protection.
  • $175,000 for process server punched by legal secretary employed by Munger Tolles & Olson.
  • Over $100 million in settlements for asbestos-related injury cases.  In 1981, Mr. Rosenberg was one of the trial attorneys responsible for obtaining one of the first three jury verdicts in Los Angeles County against the asbestos manufacturers Johns-Mansville and Owens Corning Fiberglass Corporation.  The case, Arceneaux v. Johns-Mansville Corp., was brought on behalf of a Long Beach naval shipyard worker who contracted an asbestos-related disease.  A significant jury verdict was obtained on behalf of the plaintiff, which led to settlements on behalf of hundreds of asbestos victims.