For over 40 years, George M. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law, has represented clients throughout California in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases, business litigation, insurance coverage and bad faith actions, and employment discrimination and wrongful termination cases. Here is what a few of Mr. Rosenberg’s clients and peers have had to say about the services he provides:

Personal Injury Client Testimonials

“After my car accident, I retained George as my attorney. Due to the fact that I sustained a pretty bad head injury, I needed a lot of babying and asked many questions — to which, George always responded by phone or e-mail within minutes. He gave me guidance, confidence, and calmed my nerves when it came to the deposition. He also helped me find proper medical care. In a nutshell, he held my hand from beginning to end and made me feel incredibly safe, well informed and protected.”

– Laura Biggs, Sherman Oaks

“George helped me through a difficult personal injury case in which I had unresolved medical issues. He made sure my medical issues were identified and resolved. With his representation I received a fair settlement. Having George as my attorney gave me great peace of mind and relief. He is a total professional and I consider myself fortunate to have him as my attorney. “

– Kim Westerman-Broer, Chino

“I had a really tough case that involved some very serious injuries when I was hit riding home from work on a motorcycle. I had no memory of the accident and a police report that favored the other driver. When the police report finally came, my insurance carrier listed me at fault for the accident and did nothing to investigate my case. Given the circumstances surrounding the accident and my exemplary driving record I felt deeply wronged and George was recommended by a friend to represent me.

I appreciate that George explained the law and legal options in ways that I could understand and took the time to be sure I was comfortable with the direction the case was going. I ended up with a very fair settlement and strongly believe it was because George understands the law, has a unique insight into the subtleties of human behavior, and is a tremendous negotiator.”

– Jason Wang, Ph.D., Chatsworth

“It is difficult to explain the depth of our feelings and how much [George M. Rosenberg has] added to the recovery that we have both made from this life altering incident. With perfect 20/20 hindsight, we can honestly say that there was not a single thing that could have been done differently to improve the outcome of our suit… We would never have made it without [Mr. Rosenberg’s] tremendous mediation skills, [his] incredible work ethics, [his] integrity [and] professional intuitiveness and [his] compassion and caring concern.”

– Jane & Rod McLauchlin

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Business Client Testimonials

“In representing our company in a lawsuit, Mr. Rosenberg proved to be extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, and in my opinion, a legal genius. Not only did he have a firm command of the law, but he was highly skilled in the legal strategies necessary to expose fraud that the other party was perpetrating. I felt we were represented by a true professional who fought for and protected us… I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Rosenberg.”

– Ray Marchant, Candy TV, Inc.

“George and I first met when I was embroiled in a brutal lawsuit. My attorneys, at the time, were partners at a very large firm. They had mishandled the claims and were charging me way too much. I needed new counsel. Thankfully, George substituted into the proceedings. Once he took the helm, the litigation took a turn for the better and I immediately regained my optimism.

Aside from being easy to deal with, George is a skilled and seasoned litigator. My litigation was extremely complex, but within a few hours George understood our vulnerabilities and our strengths. He wasted no time improving our position.

In general, I dislike how attorneys operate. I’ve never understood how their “clock” works? Am I charged for talking about the weather? Does every document produced have a price tag? How is everything accounted for? In this respect, George is very different. He’s a person you can trust—a true professional who has a higher standard than “billable hours.” He has reasonable fees, but more importantly he gets outstanding results. When I talk to George I don’t feel the pressure of the clock, I feel the confidence that we are team focused on a common objective.

I can say unequivocally, that George will be my litigation and general counsel until the day he stops practicing. Or until he’s had enough of me.”

– Andy Ulloa, CEO, Yamashiro, Inc.

We have been through two legal cases with George in the last year. In both cases, he replaced other attorneys and he was under severe time pressure to learn the cases and take action. He came up to speed very quickly and knew just what action to take to get immediate results. He “held our hands”, acted as a guide and advisor, and moved the cases forward to conclusion quickly and successfully. I have never seen anyone work so hard and effectively, covering every aspect of very complicated legal issues. His advice was brilliant, realistic and always with integrity and the intention of supporting our best interests.

George acted far beyond the scope of just an attorney. He also became a personal friend who really cares about our interests, our family, and our well-being. He continues to support us and encourage us in the directions we need to move. This makes him special as an attorney and as a man. He will remain in our lives both personally and professionally for a long time.

I could not recommend George more sincerely or gratefully.

– Tom Glover, Owner
Hollywood Hills Hotel, LLC
Magic Castle Hotel, LLC
Magic Castle Park, LLC

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Construction Defect Testimonial

Words cannot express the appreciation we feel and thank you does not seem to be enough but please know that we thank your from the bottom of our hearts.

Mr. Rosenberg represented us in a construction defect case that was difficult at best. We are very pleased with the knowledge and professionalism that George displayed during the entire process. When it was necessary to discuss my case he was always willing to accommodate our schedule. He also kept us a 100% informed throughout the process – but what really stood out was his Empathy and Compassion. I would recommend George to anyone with great confidence that he will do the same for you.

-J & J ** Malibu, CA

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Attorney Testimonials

“Litigators know that there is great joy and satisfaction when your opposing attorney is well-prepared, articulate, reasonable, accessible and responsive. George Rosenberg certainly has all those qualities. But, I found George’s keen and genuine interest in his clients’ well-being, his devotion to good legal writing and thoughtful practice a tonic. Even after 25+ years of litigating, I wanted to be a better lawyer. That’s what great lawyers do.”

– Celeste Brustowicz, Rinos & Martin

“It is a pleasure working with George Rosenberg on serious PI and wrongful death cases. In my 28 years as a defense lawyer, it is still refreshing to work with an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable plaintiff attorney that can zealously represent his client, without the counter-productive, chest-beating tomfoolery. I am glad to see George is expanding his practice to mediation and would heartily recommend him to both the plaintiff and defense bar. “

– Michael J. Zuckerman, Esq., Osman & Associates

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Experienced Southern California Trial Attorney

With over 40 years of experience, George M. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law, has the expertise and skill to guide clients through their legal dilemma, no matter how simple or how complex. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Rosenberg today, contact our Los Angeles office.

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